Posted by: Mike James | August 9, 2009

Survey Says!!

familyfeudIn late 1984, we heard that the game show Family Feud was auditioning in San Diego. This was the Richard Dawson original Family Feud with five family members, which seemed to the five James brothers a good omen to try-out.

After a rigorous 1/2 hour of training (“good answer, good answer!” “LOUDER” “good answer, good answer!!” ) and strategizing (don’t ask Richard Dawson about Bob Crane), we were ready.

At the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley we spent 2 hours being put through our paces by the shows producers. They tried to mess with our heads by one moment shouting encouragements (“that was very perky, we like perky”) and another moment making disparaging comments about our answers (“Are you high? Nixon was not a “Evil Fictional Character”). They wanted to make sure we wouldn’t crack in a game situation.

To our surprise we were asked to come back the next day.

After more of the same, we were told that the James Family would be contestants on the Family Feud.

rantWe had to cancel our first recording date due to conflicting plans. We waiting patiently for our rescheduled date, our date with destiny and Dawson. Maybe we would be so popular we would be asked to star in our own Musical/Comedy Hour. “Here’s the James Gang with special guest Madonna.” Having just split with Sean Penn I could have been the next Mr. Madonna.

Finally a letter (click on above image) arrived from Goodson Todman Productions.

Damn those Nielsens, damn them to hell. The show had been canceled.

My dreams of stardom and adopted children from Africa were crushed.


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