Posted by: Mike James | August 9, 2009

My O.B. Magical Musical Memories

My first magical musical memory was the band The Hurricanes, a hot blues band that played regularly at Le Chalet on Newport Ave in late 70’s.  I wish I could remember who was in the band.  I think it included Obciean Aristole Georgio on harmonica and Blond Bruce on guitar.

Other highlights:

Tomcat Courtney with Obciean Mighty Joe Longa playing the organ at the very small and wall to wall Texas Teahouse on Voltarie.

Sundays at Winston’s with Earl Thomas.  Also Earl playing at my wedding reception.

Seeing Jewel at the Java Joe’s right after she released her first album.

Fabulous Thunderbird front man Kim Wilson with his all-star blues band (Gene Taylor on piano) at his annual December gigs at Winston’s.

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra at Dusty Rhodes Park for the first and last annual Peninsula Arts Festival.

Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs at Winston’s and the O.B. Street Fair.

The late great Country Dick Montana reading poetry while jumping from table to table at Winston’s (O.K. not really music.)

more to come…



  1. Mike
    I’ve got video footage at Winstons on John Holmes 50th birthday.
    Kim Wilson was playing there with Pinetop Perkins. Who shows up, but none other than the late great Ike Turner.He sits at the keyboards with Pine Top and says, “Pine Top taught me the boogie woogie when I was just a little boy”. They commenced playing the boogie woogie.
    It was amazing! A great moment in OB music history.

    • Very cool Pat. I missed that one. Let’s get that up on youtube some day.

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